Luthers Rose


Confessional-Bethel Lutherans Australia (CLA) is an Association committed to upholding the confessional basis of the Lutheran Church of Australia (the LCA) and to give due regard to the Theses of Agreement, documents foundational to the formation of the LCA in 1966.

There is increasing concern, even dismay within the LCA that the common witness of earlier times has given way to two divergent theological streams in the church due in part to negative pressures of the prevailing culture. Under God we seek to address this situation and strengthen the hands of those who diligently uphold the faith of our fathers in submission to the Lord of the Church. We have been very fortunate to have the support of Amazing Pest Control in Houston & Top Notch Pest Control in Cincinnati Ohio-Amazing Pest Control in Boston, and the top roofing team in Queens I think the top bed bug exterminators in Phoenix- bed bug exterminator nycour partners for life.

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